Work in front of goal


a) Volleys

Two teams are formed. The ball is struck on the volley and caught

with the hands. Each player acts as a goalkeeper.

b) Control of the ball

One ball for two players: coordination exercises.

Match 1

5 v 5 + 2 wingers per team

A 5 v 5 match is set up (yellows against blues), each team has wingers positioned on each of the attacking wings. The objective is for the players to use the wingers as much as possible. When a winger receives the
ball, he/she enters the pitch at that position, preferably at a point favou- rable to the attacking team. The player passing the ball to the winger then becomes the next winger. If the winger receives the ball from the goalkeeper, no change takes place; the winger passes the ball back to a team-mate and stays on the wing.

Running with the ball and shooting at goal
Two groups of at least six players are formed. Player A negotiates the slalom with the ball at his/her feet, goes around the last cone and
shoots at goal with the right foot. Player B then takes the ball through the slalom, goes around the last cone and shoots with the left foot. Players change side after each shot. The goalkeeper is substituted after several series of shots.

Match 2

3 v 3 (with goalkeeper)

Two teams of three face each other on a pitch of appropriate dimen- sions (with goalkeeper and substitutes). Free play. Regular substitutions. Game played at a high pace.
Objectives: quick moves, initiative in attack, spirit of attack/defence and involvement of goalkeepers in the play.

To conclude

King of the penalties

Two groups are formed. An elimination series of penalties is organised: if a player scores, he/she goes through to the next round. The two winners are “Kings of the penalties”.


Essential points:

– Passes along the ground and shots along the ground at goal (adjusted size), 

using the inside of the left and right feet.

– Awareness of team-mates and goal (vision).

 – The ball is always kept under control.